Cement Wet Washing Sieves, Replacement Mesh and Wet Washing Apparatus

Cement washing sieves consist of a nickel-plated brass frame containing Stainless steel mesh sieves. The frame is on legs for support when drying on hot plates. Legs are quick and easy to remove to facilitate mesh replacement. Replaceable stainless steel mesh discs are available in sizes from 50 - 400 mesh.

The Wet Washing Sieve Apparatus controls spray and water pressure. Includes valve, pressure gauge, piping and spray nozzle. Meets ASTM C430, ASTM D1514; AASHTO T192

Please review our available sieves below and send an email to sieves@impact-test.co.uk. We will send you a quote with prices and the current stock situation.

Cement Wet Washing Sieve, sieve mesh & apparatus
Cement Wet Washing Sieve Apparatus
Replacement Parts & Mesh
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