Glass Beads for Sieve Calibration

Impact offers two ranges of glass beads

Calibration Beads - for accurate sieve calibration in a matter of minutes
Calibration Check Beads - used with a set of master sieves for performance checks

Glass Calibration Beads

Supplied in sets of 5 single shot bottles, each shot is suitable for one calibration test, thereby avoiding operator error. These provide a quick and economical method of calibrating sieves.

These Sieve Calibration Beads are manufactured from soda-lime glass and certified using NIST & NPL traceable electroformed sieves. They are accurate to 1 micron for the smaller aperture sieves and are supplied with a certificate of analysis.

Part No
(5 shots)
To Calibrate
Sieve Size/s
per Shot
Part No
(5 shots)
To Calibrate
Sieve Size/s
per Shot
SZ660 20µm 0.8g SZ675 300µm, 315µm 2.5g
SZ661 25µm 0.8g SZ676 355µm 2.5g
SZ662 32µm 1g SZ677 400µm, 425µm, 450µm 2.5g
SZ663 36µm, 38µm, 40µm 1g SZ678 500µm 2.5g
SZ664 45µm, 50µm 1g SZ679 560µm, 600µm, 630µm 2.5g
SZ665 53µm, 56µm 1g SZ680 710µm 2.5g
SZ666 63µm 1g SZ681 800µm, 850µm, 900µm 2.5g
SZ667 71µm, 75µm, 80µm 1g SZ682 1mm 7g
SZ668 90µm 1g SZ683 1.12mm, 1.18mm, 1.25mm 10g
SZ669 100µm, 106µm, 112µm 1g SZ684 1.40mm 15g
SZ670 125µm 1.5g SZ685 1.60mm, 1.70mm, 1.80mm 15g
SZ671 140µm, 150µm, 160µm 1.5g SZ686 2.00mm 20g
SZ672 180µm 1.5g SZ687 2.24mm, 2.36mm, 2.50mm 20g
SZ673 200µm, 212µm, 224µm 1.5g SZ688 2.80mm, 3.15mm 25g
SZ674 250µm, 280µm 2.5g SZ689 3.35mm, 3.55mm 25g

Glass Calibration Check Beads

Supplied in 1kg packs

These beads are to be used for performance checks, together with a set of master sieves.

Part Number Bead Ø Part Number Bead Ø
SV100 0.0 to 0.050mm SV136 2.850 to 3.300mm
SV102 0.040 to 0.070mm SV138 3.300 to 3.600mm
SV104 0.070 to 0.110mm SV140 2.0mm +/ - 0.1mm
SV106 0.090 to 0.150mm SV142 3.1mm +/- 0.1mm
SV108 0.100 to 0.200mm SV144 4.0mm +/ - 0.3mm
SV110 0.150 to 0.250mm SV146 4.5mm +/ - 0.3mm
SV112 0.200 to 0.300mm SV148 5.0mm +/ - 0.3mm
SV114 0.250 to 0.500mm SV150 6.0mm +/ - 0.3mm
SV116 0.400 to 0.600mm SV152 7.0mm +/ - 0.3mm
SV118 0.500 to 0.750mm SV154 8.0mm +/ - 0.4mm
SV120 0.750 to 1.000mm SV156 9.0mm +/ - 0.4mm
SV122 1.000 to 1.250mm SV158 10.0mm +/ - 0.5mm
SV124 1.250 to 1.550mm SV160 11.0mm +/ - 0.5mm
SV126 1.550 to 1.850mm SV162 12.0mm +/ - 0.5mm
SV128 1.700 to 2.000mm SV164 14.0mm +/ - 0.5mm
SV130 2.000 to 2.400mm SV166 16.0mm +/ - 0.5mm
SV134 2.400 to 2.900mm    

There is no higher guarantee of quality and compliance than UKAS Certification,
ideal as a master reference when calibrating your working sieves.

 Impact Test Equipment is a UK sieve manufacturer with UKAS accreditation for the calibration of both plate type & woven wire type test sieves.
Visit our calibration page for more information.